Rapper Envisions “Young Thug X Elon Musk Eco-City”

Young Thug took to his official Twitter account this week to send a message to Tesla chief executive officer Elon Musk. This 30-year-old rapper is reportedly thinking of a “Young Thug X Elon Musk Eco-City” project.

You may find this imagination of Young Thug quite ambitious, but you may also think the rapper is helpful and civic-minded. A few months ago, Thugger celebrated his birthday, and he secured more than a hundred acres of land in Atlanta, Georgia, which is his birthplace.

You can tell that a “Young Thug X Elon Musk Eco-City” is not far from possible as Young Thug is reportedly utilizing the space he acquired to build his own Slime City. This rapper, who moonlights as a singer and songwriter, confirmed that he wants to give back to his community.

Young Thug will reportedly perform his generous act by obtaining permits to build residential properties, a campsite, dirt bike trails, a waterpark, and many other facilities useful to the community. With this vision for his own Slime City, you can say that the “Young Thug X Elon Musk Eco-City” project is certainly worthwhile.

Young Thug is actually quite eager with his brainchild that he used his official Twitter account with the handle @youngthug to seek Elon Musk’s help. Last Tuesday night, October 19, this hip-hop artist tweeted that he wanted to make Slime City solar-powered through the helpful participation of the multi-billionaire.

Thugger spoke to Elon Musk via Twitter by ending his tweet with “@elonmusk,” which is the official Twitter handle of the SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company pioneer. At the time of writing, Young Thug’s tweet has already amassed more than 30,100 Twitter likes.

If you are wondering about Elon Musk’s response regarding the possible “Young Thug X Elon Musk Eco-City” project, the second richest person in the world per Forbes today has not responded to Young Thug’s tweet yet. 

Nevertheless, Elon has been active on Twitter since the rap artist posted his tweet. Thus, you can say that there is a chance that the potential collaborator of Young Thug for the “Young Thug X Elon Musk Eco-City” project he envisioned has learned about his proposal.

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