Rasheeda Frost Shows Her Struggle in New Workout Video

ATLANTA, Ga. – Love & Hip Hop star and rapper Rasheeda Frost showed her fans the struggles she had to go through in a new workout video on her Instagram.

The reality TV star is one of the influencers that fans love to follow for body and fitness goals. She has an incredible figure, and based on the photos she shares via her Instagram, her outfits always showed off her jaw-dropping curves. It turned out that Rasheeda works hard to get that mesmerizing body, and she shared what goes on behind the scenes.

The TV personality decided to post a workout video on her social media that impressed her fans to no end. They made sure to tell her how hard she works in the comments.

But in the caption, Rasheeda already gave a disclaimer, saying to excuse herself of the sound effects in the video. The workout seemed a real struggle for the reality star, but it’s what gets the results.

Meanwhile, fans were all supportive of her hard work and said so in the comments. One fan admired Rasheeda Frost’s dedication, saying she could only hope to be as dedicated as the reality TV star when it comes to getting her body right.

Another fan posted that she already got tired from watching Rasheeda complete her workout routine. Someone else pointed out how hard she works and that it’s paying off with how her figure looks fantastic. Another one said that Rasheeda already got some nice definition on her arms.

Some fans also shared how the reality TV star-inspired them to start working out. One fan said that she’s on the way to the gym, while another one expressed that Rasheeda gives her fitness tips to work with.

It seems that Rasheeda Frost is making headlines this week. It was only several days ago when her fans can’t get enough of her new blonde tresses.

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