Reality Check: MISS ISSA

Before seeing Miss Issa grace the covers of some of your favorite magazines she first entered our homes as a finalist on TLC’s reality show R U the Girl. Following the old adage to follow your first mind, taking the reality show route to fame didn’t seem like the best move for Issa. She scrapped the idea of signing her dream away and upon a chance meeting Kairi Bown of Sound on Sound Entertainment it’s safe to say her life will never be the same.

Her pursuit of the Billboard charts has afforded her many opportunities, one being able to tout having the Terror Squad general Fat Joe on her first single, Stay Up. Couple that with living in Los Angeles we’re sure to see much more coming from the music industry’s newest song bird. Bringing more to the table than “the pretty” Miss Issa stands out amongst those who are trying their hand at the marriage of R&B and Latin sounds.
Enjoying the girlie side of the music business, hair, make-up and playing dress-up Miss Issa remains humble, never straying to far from the little girl who grew up in San Diego singing for everyone at the family picnics. Currently promoting the release of her debut album Hurt No More, Fever spoke with Miss Issa about the whirlwind of her career and how she’s handling her new lifestyle.

Fever: When did your career start?

Miss Issa: My singing career started right after I tried out for TLC’s television show, “R U the Girl” What’s funny is I got thrown into singing raw; I had no vocal training, no mic techniques, or no studio experience. I love to sing! I’m a singer.

Fever: Who have been your musical influences?

Miss Issa: I would have to say Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. My mother brought me up on a lot of Motown artists like Gladys Knight and Teddy Pendergrass.

Fever: How important is family to you?

Miss Issa: Very important! I have to talk to my family everyday, they keep me grounded.

Fever: How did you like the work experience with Fat Joe?

Miss Issa: I loved working with Fat Joe. He’s real cool and laid back.

Fever: Who in the music industry would you like to work with?

Miss Issa: I would like to work with Pitbull but he’s really busy. Also, Beyonce and Usher. There are many artists I would like to work with. There is so much talent out there. As for me, I’m just taking baby steps right now.

Fever: Things are moving pretty fast for you, I wish you the best of luck in your career.

Miss Issa: Thank you, I am trying to take everything in and take one day at a time.

Fever: Do you have a message to your fans?

Miss Issa: Yes, to the Fever Magazine crew and everyone on Myspace! Myspace has been very good for networking. Thanks for your support!

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