Resident Evil 4 VR Review: Fighting Zombies in a Realistic Way

Who doesn’t know the series of Resident Evil? This classic game is one of the frequently played games in the history of the gaming industry. It all started with a movie where Alice is the protagonist, and Capcom began introducing video games of Resident Evil on different consoles. Gamers played almost every version, and now, Capcom is introducing a Virtual Reality or VR version, which drives a lot of gamers crazy. If you want to know more about the VR version, here’s the Resident Evil 4 VR review to check out. 

Game Information

  • Released Date: October 21, 2021
  • Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre: Survival horror and third-person shooter
  • Console: VR (Oculus Quest 2)


The story of this video game is the same as the older version released on January 11, 2005. The main protagonist in the game is Leon S. Kennedy, the United States or US government agent who needs to go on a mission to save Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter. A mysterious cult abducted Ashley, and he’s on a mission to travel to Spain, where he’ll encounter people who pledged their lives to Los Illuminados. It’s the name of the cult that abducted Ashley. Moreover, the villagers got infected by a parasite called Las Plagas, which controlled their minds and turned them into cannibals. 

Bitores Mendez captured Leon and injected the parasite, and he became a prisoner with Luis Sera, a former researcher of the cult. He will work with Luis to escape, but Leon has to find Ashley and rescue her when they get into separate ways. They have to escape Osmund Saddler, the cult leader, before injecting the parasite into Ashley. The plan was to use Ashley to manipulate the president of the US until the parasite spread across the world.

Leon will travel from one place to another, and he’ll encounter different people, especially previous comrades like Jack Krauser and Ada Wong. Jack and Ada worked together with Albert, and they wanted to secure the sample, but it led Jack and Leon to fight after the leader ordered Jack to kill Leon. Throughout the game, Leon will have to kill the enemies, especially the cult leader, to end everything. 


You have to play this survival and horror video game from a first-person perspective, where you’ll control Leon throughout the game. You’ll have to fight because it’s on Virtual Reality or VR mode. The game focused on shootouts, which are filled with action. You don’t only shoot random people in the game, but terrifying zombies. What’s more interesting is how you have to battle zombies as if they are in front of you. 

There are many improvements to the game compared to the first version when released, like textures and graphics. You’ll undoubtedly feel the difference if you play the first version on your PlayStation. This VR mode keeps the aspects, which is why it’s very interesting to play. 

The combat system stays the same, but the gaming experience is better because of the VR mode. The item management is impressive, having the necessary tools in your body where you can swap immediately or reload your weapons. 


The Resident Evil 4 VR is what you should anticipate because it comes with many interesting features despite following the same story back in 2005. 

If you have no background in playing VR games, don’t worry because it’s not too difficult to understand. The VR headset is comfy to wear, and there is no discomfort like motion sickness. There are touch controllers to use where you can interact with objects, like doors or levers. You also have to reload your weapons, but you have to do it manually, which adds thrill. 

The graphics are better compared to the older version. The older one is already okay, but in this VR version, the graphics are very realistic. You’ll undoubtedly feel your heart race on every level because you’ll fight zombies from a first-person perspective. Furthermore, the zombies are more thrilling in these graphics compared to the older version. 

Though there’s no massive change in the gameplay, there are a few improvements because the mode has to switch from third-person to first-person. The controls are also different because you need to use a different controller to interact with doors or levers. On the other hand, it’s a bit challenging to pick loots up after killing an enemy. You might end up grabbing the pistol magazine, which can affect your gameplay in a certain situation. 

Also, in the old game, Leon had to move with Ashley on some levels. However, when enemies target them and Ashley gets shot, Leon is also losing a significant lifeline. In this VR mode, the developer changed the program where the enemies only target Leon, making it easier to play. 


The Resident Evil 4 VR is one of the most anticipated VR games in the month because anything that’s survival-horror is undoubtedly worth the try. Some gamers gave it an outstanding rating because the overall gaming experience is impressive. 

This video game may follow the same story as the 2005 version, but some changes made the entire game better. Some adjustments will fit the VR mode, which is one thing that gamers admire about the game. 

There’s nothing but perfection in the graphics of the game. It’s far different from the first version because the developer aims to provide a realistic vibe. The zombies are more thrilling, which is why many want to give it a try. 

Lastly, the combat system is better in this version because it’s as if you’re Leon, moving the guns and firing at the enemies. The only challenge is getting loots after kills, which is not a very big thing because the rest of the features will fascinate you.

If you played the first version, you should experience it in a realistic version through the Oculus Quest 2. You might remember some of the levels, but some changes will surprise you as you play this video game. 

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