RHOP’s Candiace Dillard Blasts Co-Star Ashley Darby

POTOMAC, Md. – Candiace Dillard from the Real Housewives of Potomac throws shade to her co-star Ashley Darby, saying that the latter often gets away because she’s ‘light-skinned.’

The reality television star didn’t hold back and brazenly spoke her mind about the show, her co-star’s, and all the drama happening at the RHOP. The issue all began with an Instagram page called ‘The All-True Tea,’ which shared a compilation of some of the biggest fights that happened on the reality show.

The first clip shared was a fight between Candiace Dillard and Ashley Darby during an episode in the 4th season of RHOP. The co-stars were in a heated argument and were starting a butter knife fight. Many of the show’s fans watched the clip, and one Instagram user took to the comments to share some insights. The fan said that Ashley gets away with many things and wondered about the reason behind that.

According to the fan, the reel shows the incredibly reckless side of Ashley and how she speaks thoughtlessly still. However, Candiace was portrayed as the villain, and many other people gang up on her., but she’s clearly on the wrong. The fan wonders why people ignore the ugly side of Ashley.

It didn’t take long for Candiace to read the comment and share her two cents about it. She said that the reason is that Ashley is light-skinned.

Besides her comment, Candiace Dillard also took to Twitter to further open up about her experience being in the show as a darker-skinned woman. She shared how much hate she got from the public when she tried to open up and talk about her life as a brown-skinned woman in a group of women of color.

Thankfully, talking about colorism and the privileges people with fairer skin get are more welcome and embraced nowadays. It’s a positive change and a relief for personalities like her.

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