Riverdale Leading Star Nichols Files For Divorce

Marriage is always a sweet bond which keeps the two souls together, and they share the beautiful moments together. Marison Nichols who is of age 45 today is very famous nowadays for her best role in the sixth season of 24 TV show and as a leading actress in Riverdale thriller series. It is a Netflix show. Nichols played the role of Nadia Yassir in 24 season show. She has two brothers and is eldest among the family. She started acting in 1996 as a professional career. Famous actress-Nichols had also worked for many social causes like ending human trafficking. She also had raised voice on this social issue at many platforms.

She married Taron left on-a cinematographer who played a role of Audrey Griswold in 1977. The couple got married at the Church of Scientology’s Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles. They also have a child together. They both had a daughter named rain after a year to their marriage.

They both got married in April; 2008. Their marriage lasted for 10 years when Marison filed for divorce. They both had split now. She mentioned the reason of separation, the irreconcilable differences among both of them. The day of separation was 23 October 2018. Nowadays she lives in Los Angeles, California.

This news had made Nichols fans sad all over the world. Nichols is also asking for the legal custody of her daughter. The property will be divided after some time according to the court orders. Both of them want full custody of their daughter with other one only having visiting permission. Now just see what the court decides. Time will tell who won.

This was Nichols second marriage. Previously she was married to Andrea Sorrentino-an Italian costume designer. That marriage lasts for three years. She did not respond to comment on her divorce.

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