Robin Thicke Brings You Sex Therapy

Robin Thicke is back with even more soul than his last two studio efforts. This time, on his latest album Sex Therapy, instead of Lil Wayne dominating the cameo ops on the album as the lone guest, Robin has enlisted help from the Jigga Man himself, Jay-Z and also the only female emcee on Young Money Ent., Nicki Minaj.

MTV recently caught up with Robin and spoke with him about the folks who will be making guest appearances on the album and the thoughts and ideas about the concepts behind the guest spots: 

“It was Jay’s idea,” he said of his track “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy.” “We were in the studio, and I played him the whole album. He was like, ‘You should get Nicki Minaj on that. She’s got that voice. She’s got that swag.’ So I leaned over and was like, ‘Somebody get Nicki Minaj on the phone! Jay-Z said so!’ Next thing you know, we called Nicki. She was excited. But once we told her it was Jay-Z’s idea to get her on the track, she started screaming on the phone. She was all excited. She’s a super, super talent. I can’t wait to do a video with Nicki. There’s a power in her. It’s not just that she’s sexy and that’s the only way she can get you to like her. She’s got charm — not just sex. Some women may use sex to get what they want; others have charm. She’s got charm.”

Another innovative concept on the album is Robin’s use of the lyrics from Rakim’s classic hip-hop joint “Mahogany”. 

Before anybody else heard it, Jay-Z heard it, and he said, ‘That’s genius. That’s genius on so many levels.’ He said, ‘First of all, who do you think you are? Who do you think you are, doing Rakim? You got balls, boy.’ “

Sex Therapy hits stores just before Christmas on December 15… this would make for a great stocking stuffer!

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