RT: Official Twitter for Android confirmed

We hinted last month that Twitter was working on an official Android client, but some people found the news hard to believe. Since that time Twitter launched a BlackBerry app and acquired Tweetie for its official iPhone version.

Today at Twitter’s Chirp conference, CEO Ev Williams announced an Android client was next on their list.

Some sites are speculating that Twitter might acquire a current Android app to make their own, but I’ve been told that an original client is already in development and has been in testing for several months.

The real question now is, how long before Twitter releases the app and when will Google integrate it into their Android operating system?

In exchange for offering their own native apps, Twitter will offer developers limitless user streams and annotations and continue to push their @anywhere platform. Twitter is hoping that devs will use their huge pipe of data to launch killer apps that start entirely new businesses.

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