Ryan Reynolds to Blade Lively I See You in the Eyes of Our Children

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. – Famous Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is the famous superhero everyone knows as ‘Deadpool,’ but his real-life hero is his wife, Blake Lively, as he said in his Mother’s Day tribute.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are a famous couple on social media, known for their funny yet romantic antics. They are one of Hollywood’s power couples, and to honor his wife on Mother’s Day, Ryan Reynolds penned a romantic message for Blake on Instagram.

The Canadian actor shared a snap of himself and Blake on the social media platform to celebrate the occasion. In the caption, Ryan expressed that every heart and soul-touching moment that the family shares in the Reynolds-Lively household are because of Blake.

In true Ryan fashion, he never forgot to add some cheeky comments.  The actor said that Blake had smuggled light and kindness into their family to him and their children. However, Ryan also said that he sees Blake as how their children see her, a holy mother that she always is.

The famous actor also explained that it’d been a difficult couple of years to be a mother with the challenges of the current pandemic. He then added that it made him appreciate his wife more, saying she’s a pure act of power and heroism.

However, it won’t be a complete tribute if Ryan didn’t troll his wife as they do to each other every special occasion. You can expect the same humor in what the actor posted for his Mother’s Day message to Blake, and fans are all here for it.

Everyone in the comments section was touched by Ryan’s romantic message to his wife, up until the second half, which got everyone laughing. But, as his fans said, it wouldn’t be Ryan Reynolds if he didn’t include jokes and his trademark humor in what would have been a heartfelt message to Blake.

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