Sam Asghari Says He’s Been Married to Britney Spears for 5 Years

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Sam Asghari reportedly told an interviewer that he and Britney Spears have been married for five years now.

The personal trainer was out in Los Angeles when he was approached by a paparazzi congratulating him on his engagement with Britney Spears. As many fans know, rumors started coming out about their engagement after fans saw the pop star wearing a huge diamond ring earlier this week.

So, when he got asked by the paparazzi on the street, Sam didn’t hesitate to answer the question. Instead of getting too serious about the engagement rumors, he decided to share about their secret wedding in great detail. His response sounded so true that it wouldn’t be shocking that some people would believe it, although he was only making stuff up on the spot.

According to Sam, he and Britney had tied the knot some five years ago, and people don’t know it. They had their wedding in Hawaii, and apparently, they also had twins.

Sam was smiling while dishing out on the supposed secret marriage and kids, evident that he didn’t take all false reports about their relationship too seriously.

They have been together for several years. Sam and Britney started their romance back in 2017 after working together in Britney’s Slumber Party music video. It was an instant connection, and they seemed to be very fond and in love with each other to this day. Fans are happy for Britney to have found love and happiness with Sam Asghari.

Speaking of the personal trainer, Sam has been supportive of the pop star’s conservatorship battle against her father. As most fans know, Britney fights for her freedom as she seeks to end her abusive conservatorship after around 13 years.

She’s talked in court and publicly opened up about the abuse she received from her family, and her boyfriend Sam Asghari remains by her side during the entire ordeal.

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