Serena Williams’ Empowering Journey From Pregnancy to Childbirth

LOS ANGELES, California – They say that a mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. Yes, pregnancy brings forth various kinds of emotions. Others might be excited, while some might be anxious. Still, nothing compares to the joy in a mother’s heart once she holds her baby in her hands for the first time.

Celebrities and ordinary women alike experience varying degrees of discomfort during pregnancy and especially while delivering the baby. Even the famous athlete Serena Williams was not excused from this absolute fact. Just recently, she posted a precious video of Alexis Olympia, her daughter. But before getting to that stage of exceeding joy, she also shared the journey that she had to go through to be in that moment.

On Facebook, Serena Williams expressed her thankfulness to her supporters for the personal stories they shared with her and also said that the whole experience of childbirth gave her more strength.

Her post on the social media sparked the discussion of childbirth for women – black women in particular – who have undergone certain complications. Some are even going through it with their problems left unattended or unaddressed. She also added that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that black women tend to be thrice likely not to survive childbirth-related incidents or even during pregnancy compared with white women. For her, these are not mere stories.

She also hopes that her story might serve as an inspiration to further acknowledge and give importance to seal this specific gap. She also calls to people that a lot has to be done as a nation.

Serena Williams’ Empowering Journey From Pregnancy to Childbirth

Serena Williams continues, clearly believing that all women, regardless of their background or race, are deserving of a healthful pregnancy as well as childbirth. Experiencing the best is her hope for women of every color. Her experience might not be the greatest, but she personally embraced it and said that she was glad that she experienced it. It led her to be stronger and to have a new and deeper sense of appreciation for all women with or without kids. She then ended her statement with a strong sense of empowerment by stating that women are strong.

In a cover article for the magazine Vogue, Serena shared that her baby was delivered via an emergency cesarean section because her baby’s heart rate lowered during her contractions. A day after, several tiny blood clots were found within the tennis pro’s lungs. The athlete’s coughing caused the stitches from the C-section to open up. Going back for a minor surgery, a huge hematoma flooded the tennis pro’s abdomen, so a filter was needed to be inserted into her veins to stop the formation of more clots.

Serena gave birth to Alexis Olympia on September 1, 2017, and spent six weeks of being a first-time mom while bedridden. But after all the journey, from pregnancy to childbirth, that she had been through, it appears that she and her daughter are doing fine. This can be seen on the sweet video of her four-month-old baby girl smiling at her.

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