Sir Lewis Hamilton: Prince Charles Officially Knights F1 Superstar

It’s officially Sir Lewis Hamilton now after this celebrated Formula One racing driver was knighted by Prince Charles this week. You will feel impressed and, at the same time, proud of your favorite motorsports idol.

You can tell that Sir Lewis Hamilton deserves the honor he received in the 2021 New Year Honours this week. The F1 superstar has more than 100 victories.

Additionally, with seven world championships, Sir Lewis Hamilton has been hailed as one of the greatest Formula One racecar drivers of all time. Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton was certainly delighted to receive one of the highest honors in his country, the United Kingdom.

When you check out the Twitter page, Sir Lewis Hamilton Updates, with the handle @SirLewisUpdates, you can see a clip showing Prince Charles at Windsor Castle confirming the knighthood of the 36-year-old Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England native. 

The tweet also featured the expression “#AriseSirLewisHamilton.” From that short video, you can tell that it was certainly a very proud moment for the new knight, his family, and his country.

Sir Lewis Hamilton, who is motivated to reclaim his title next year after losing to  Belgian-Dutch racing driver Max Verstappen this year, was confirmed in 2020 as among the personalities who Prince Charles would knight in the 2021 New Year Honours for services to motorsports. 

Hence, now he can officially add “Sir” to his name. During the knighting ceremony, the British racecar driver, who is approaching retirement in his F1 career, was accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Carmen Lockhart. 

As you can see in the clip, Sir Lewis Hamilton had to kneel on one knee as the future king of the United Kingdom tapped a sword on the new knight’s shoulders. 

It is certainly a huge honor to become a knight. Only a handful of people have received it over the years. As the United Kingdom’s most accomplished Formula One racing driver, you can tell that Sir Lewis Hamilton certainly deserves to obtain such a title.

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