Snoop Dogg’s name got listed in Hollywood’s walk of fame

On 19th of November rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and actor Snoop Dogg became Hollywood’s new Walk of Fame star. The Drop it like it’s hot, hitmaker was congratulated by Pharrell Williams, Dr. Dre, and Quincy Jones. Quincy Jones called Snoop Dogg a visionary and introduced him to the people and press. In front of the media, Quincy further applauded Dogg by saying that he’s too proud of his personal achievements and endeavors. The producer further praised Dogg by saying that he is the first entrepreneur who has a positive influence on the younger generation.

The producer further praised the rapper by saying that he knows Snoop could undertake every challenge with ease. In front of the press, Quincy said to Snoop Dogg that he’s not only an artist but a true visionary and congratulated him for hard work he had done in the past to achieve walk of fame. Even Snoop praised Quincy by referring him as his big brother and a mentor. Dogg further said that Quicy had shown him the right path along the way.

The rapper further told his fans who had gathered in the Hollywood Boulevard that Quincy had shown him the way to stay positive in life. Snoop Dogg also continued by saying that his mentor has enlightened him to be more productive and grateful in life. Snoop further told his fans that due to the motivation of Quincy he has become more productive and happy in life.

At last the legendary rapper ended his speech by thanking himself for doing the right things and believing in himself. In front of his fans Snoop Dogg thanked himself for not being a quitter, he thanked himself for taking no days off and putting his best efforts to turn his life around. The rapper also thanked himself for doing the right things and for giving more than what he had received.

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