Snoop Dogg’s Opinion on Rap Legends Calls for Change

When you read Snoop Dogg’s opinion on rap legends this week, you can tell that the West Coast rap icon wants modification in how things are. Snoop Dogg, whose next studio album, The Algorithm, will be released on Friday, November 12, offered his latest viewpoints during a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Based on Snoop Dogg’s opinion on rap legends, rock-and-roll legends get more respect than the hip-hop music industry’s icons. The Long Beach, California native affirmed that people would find rappers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

However, he remarked that there are zero rock-and-rollers in the Rap Hall of Fame. Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. advised to slow things down a little bit in this matter. 

In Snoop Dogg’s opinion on rap legends, the rapper informed the people to begin putting some respect on the hip-hop musicians’ names. He cited that they should receive the regard they deserve for who they are. 

As you can see, Snoop Dogg’s opinion on rap legends involves Dogg Father desiring change. He also wanted alteration when he discussed longevity in the rap music industry. 

Snoop Dogg referred to the world-famous British rock band The Rolling Stones as an example to get his point across. He confirmed the difficulty rap musicians typically face in staying relevant as they get older despite building one of the world’s most massive music genres.

The rapper, who is also a songwriter, businessman, media personality, and actor, explained that his fellow rappers love rock-and-roll legends and their music. He remarked that they also respect, support, and sing the music of the famous rockers as “diehard fans.”

Snoop Dogg’s opinion on rap legends includes his advice of not putting a time limit on rappers’ age or job. After all, he cited that they do not look at rockers and refer to them as having “white hair now” when they used to be young with “black hair.”

You can tell that what Snoop Dogg’s opinion on rap legends meant was he wanted rappers to get the same love and respect in the hip-hop music business, similar to the rock-and-roll icons. After all, he emphasized that they had made something, which is hip-hop music, that is “generational” and will last for a lifetime.

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