Social Media Tools Make using Facebook, MySpace and Twitter so much easier


Most people these days has more than one profile whether it is on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter for some reason or another we have all found a use for all of them. Deleting a profile just to make life simpler would be like erasing your whole life history for some of us. Luckily we found some applications that will help you do what you need to without the need to waste time logging into all those websites every day.

1) TweetDeck is our top choice because it has a vey slick look and feel, you can download it to your desktop or get the app for your iPhone or the iPad. TweetDeck is useful for the simple fact that it will pull all the activity from your social networks and bring it all into one screen. You will have to get use the screen because it is not apparent what to do right away it can also get a little cluttered but once you play around with it for a bit you will love it.

2) Yoono does all the same things TweetDeck does with the exception of versions for the iPad or iPhone but what makes this little gem stand out is that you can use it as a side bar in the Firefox browser. That means that you can surf the net or check out the latest article on and at the same time see your friends comments and activity on the social networks that you belong to.

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