Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Engagement Got Approval from Nick Jonas

NEW YORK, NY – Nick Jonas vested his very much appreciated approval on the recent Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ engagement.

During an interview, Nick said that he is along with all the excitement that his brother Joe feels in planning to start the married life with Sophie Turner. He was keen on giving a family approval on the new Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ engagement when he was asked to comment about the sad news during the Golden Globes Award where he was a nominee for his new music.

Joe, 28, former member of the Jonas Brothers along with Nick, announced his engagement with the Game of Throne star, 21, after almost a year of dating. The excellent news was made public on October 15 which has surprised a lot of the fans of the two stars. However, it wasn’t a shock to Nick.

He revealed during an interview that he was in on the secret proposal. He recalled the event before the engagement saying that he was there for a photo shoot the same day his brother proposed. He even added that he steps away every few minutes from this event to see if the couple called yet because he had the idea of what will eventually happen that day.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Engagement Got Approval from Nick Jonas

The 25-year-old “Close” singer also can’t help himself but gush and adore his future sister-in-law after the Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ engagement. He also told in the interview that he is thrilled that Sophie will be joining their family soon. Nick said that he sees her as a fantastic person and that he couldn’t think of any other woman that would be a better partner for his brother. He can’t also stop gushing about how he is thrilled for the couple that will soon tie the knot.

Nick will now get busy along with his older brother Kevin Jonas in planning the bachelor party which he said is going to be extremely good.

However, according to the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star, his mind is focused on holiday shopping right now. Nick also said that he has two charming ladies in his life right now that he needs to find the perfect gift for, his nieces whom Kevin shared with his wife Danielle Jones, Valentina, 13 months, and Alena, 3.

He added that there are a lot of things he is planning to buy, but he considered it fun, especially when his nieces get excited about the gifts. Nick also recounted that there is an unspoken competition between him and his brothers of who will be able to get the best gift.

It sure looks that the beloved Jonas Brothers are still close-knit to each other even after the band broke up years ago. Nick does look excited shopping for her lovely nieces and can’t show anything but appreciation and adoration to his brother’s fiancée.

When it comes to his career, Nick is also relatively busy and packed, especially for the season. He is still fresh from his performance teaming up with Chase Pay on December 13 at the Chase Pay Village in New York. Before that, he attended the premiere of his movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle in Hollywood, California, on December 11. No one knows if he will be the one to follow in the Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ engagement.

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