Southaven Police Reportedly Bust Mid-South Snatch ‘N Grab Ring

Four men learned the hard way that, in Mississippi, crime does not pay.

34 year old Orlandra Manning, 39 year old Mario Colbert, 32 year old Carlos Smith and 38 year old Lashon Lyles, all from Memphis are charged with felony shoplifting and conspiracy. Lyles faces additional charges of aggravated assault on a police officer.

They’re all behind bars, after Southaven police apparently brought a regional crime spree to an end in a hail of gunfire on a busy interstate.

The four men were suspected in several high-dollar thefts from Wolfchase to DeSoto. They’d reportedly run into a department store, steal dozens of expensive handbags, and make their escape before anybody could catch up to them.

But late Monday, Southaven police believe they did catch up to them.

The bullet holes in a grey Cadillac show in Mississippi crime does not pay.

The men riding in the car Monday afternoon are thought to be part of a theft ring that’s operated across the Mid-South for months.

Their crime spree apparently came to an end after a stop at the Southaven Dillard’s. “They pulled up in front of Dillard’s. Three jumped out, grabbed about fourteen to fifteen purses valued at about three thousand dollars, ran back out, jumped in the vehicle and fled,” explained Southaven Police Chief Tom Long.

Police weren’t far behind. They set out traps at Goodman and Stateline and when they tried to avoid them, they nearly hit one officer who pulled his gun and fired.

It brought the case to a quick end as officers surrounded the car, stopped it and pulled the men to the ground.

Perhaps the biggest mistake the men made was committing their crime in Mississippi which has a three strikes felony law. So two of them are looking at life in a Mississippi prison.

Chief Long said the men in this case didn’t believe it when officers told them how much trouble they were in, but he says, he’s about to make believers out of all of them. “These people need to learn that in Mississippi we still have three strikes and you’re out and it was just recently that a shoplifter at a Wal-Mart got life in prison here.”

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