Every time you turn on BET or MTV to watch a music video the cinematography is slathered with the bling-a-tion, everything is iced out and the artists are riding in cars with the rims spinnin’–making fashion statements their fans could only wish to afford. In the world of fashion we have the trend of high-end looks for less, with the cars you can ride in a Chrysler 300 as you aspire to one day drive a Bentley and now thanks to the good old fashion bicycle you can be just as fly.

O2, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Streetsweeper NYC Bikes, the only black owned bicycle company in history knew how important it is for people to make those same statements without the huge price tag. Giving the people want they want for less Streetsweeper NYC decided to come up with a modified version of the fly whips seen in the. What is a Streetsweeper? It’s a candy-coated BMX styled bicycle on spinning rims; who knew one day you’d be able to get Spreewell Motion on two wheels. Not to be confused with a bicycle you’d bring to a paint shop to have pimped out, the Streetsweeper is a bicycle custom made for you straight from the Streetsweeper NYC factory overseas.

Staying true to the concept of tricked-out rides affordable to all; buyers won’t have to break the bank paying $1,000, $800, or even $300 dollars. You can get a standard Streetsweeper for $260 dollars; of course the more you add your own signature stylings the cost increases. The $260.00 price tag does gives you your choice of six frames and rims colors, with it shipped to your front door in just 4 days. Some of the most noted names in the culture like Joe Budden, DJ Clue, Lloyd Banks, CEO of, and Lamar Odom of the LA Lakers, has just to name a few can be seen posing on the Streetsweeper NYC of their desire. Corporations like Pepsi, have chosen to obey their thirst as well. When asked how the stars got wind of the Streetsweeper existence? After a long pause O2 replied, “Because they are fresh!!!!” I couldn’t help but chuckle as I’m not a person who rides bikes but after going to the website now I want one! “It’s brand new, its something out of the ordinary. Its something that any connoisseur of fly rides, whips and bikes would want to add to their collection” he says.

Streetsweeper NYC made a name for itself fourteen months ago and the Streetsweeper team, are men on a mission. With plans to bring the Streetsweeper to a city near you, owning one of these exclusive bikes will become even easier. “This is not a product I have to go out and sell to anybody, cause if you see it, you’re gonna want it. The bike sells itself. And there is no need to worry about delay because we’ve got product!”

For more information on Streetsweeper bikes and to order your very own customized Streetsweeper log onto

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