Supergirl Star Finalized Divorce With 4-year Husband, Jenner

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – The Supergirl star, Melissa Benoist, and her husband Blake Jenner recently finalized their divorce after about four years of marriage.

Recent news about the famous Supergirl star confirmed that her marriage with the long-time husband is now officially over. Melissa Benoist, 29, has filed for divorce this time last year from her husband which is also her former co-star in Glee. It was stated that the actress cited their irreconcilable differences as the reason of the split. It was according to the documents obtained from the court.

It was confirmed last December 20, Wednesday, that the former couple is no longer together or tied legally or otherwise. According to the divorce documents, it was also stated that the actress doesn’t want either of them to give or receive any spousal support. Moreover, it was also reported that the former couple has already reached a particular property settlement and decided what belongs to who. They have also agreed to it without filing legalities in the court.

The divorce also made way for the Supergirl star to restore her middle name, and she is now just Melissa Benoist.

Their split started way back in 2016, but both former Glee actors have been tight-lipped about the issue. There weren’t any public comments about the reason why the two broke up and refused to talk about it. However, according to a source close to the two, one of the primary reasons for the couple’s split is their work schedules.

Supergirl Star Finalized Divorce With 4-year Husband, Jenner

Their time together has been put on hold because of work since Benoist was filming for her CW series Supergirl in Vancouver, Canada. A source told that the distance between the two had been an issue in their relationship.

The couple first met during the Fox comedy where Benoist and Jenner played the roles of Ryder Lynn and Marley Rose from 2012 until 2014. Blake Jenner has even appeared in the two episodes of the CW series Supergirl of Benoist. When they first met on the set of the show, it was evident that a relationship between the two was blooming. Benoist and Jenner dated for a year after their first meeting.

In July 2013, news about the two made both their fans happy. After just a year of dating, they got engaged. Their relationship was quite under the spotlight even though both are often spotted in red carpets together. In March 2015, the former couple wed and tied the knot in secret. It was kept under wraps and paparazzi. The news of the wedding between Benoist and Jenner was only brought to the public when she was spotted at the Comic-Con in July 2015 with a silver band on her ring finger.

A source told that the wedding was kept very small and simple with only their families present during the ceremony. The former couple then celebrated their marriage and had their honeymoon in Europe. There, they shared several photos of their happy married life with their followers on Instagram.

While this might be a sad news for some like any marriage ending, a source said that the split is mutual and amicable. The Supergirl star has already started dating in early 2017 with her co-star and on-screen partner Chris Wood.

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