Surprise to Toni Braxton by Beyonce in the Halloween party

Beyonce is not only a successful lead singer-song writer but a talented actress too. This year in Halloween party, she had surprised Toni Braxton by her perfect dressing. She took the exact looks and a perfect outfit as Toni wore on her debut album “Another Sad Love Song.” She accompanied the costume with beautiful gold accessories; pixie cut styled hair with mesmerizing makeup. She also shared some of her wonderful images of where she wore a white tank top, jeans with a gold belt and a black leather jacket. She also mimicked Braxton from her cover art album which was launched in1993 and the hit maker lead sad love song from her album.

After bestowing herself as “Phoni Braxton,” she tweeted some snaps for her huge fans in her perfect costume and titled it with her love and adoration to the brilliant legend. With this, she gives an ovation to her wonderful hits and expresses her delight to such a masterpiece. She compliments her with God-given talent who had showered her with beautiful tone, range, and beauty. In addition to this, she also wished her fans for the Halloween holidays by denoting them as her kings and queens.

After hearing and watching all the appreciation on Twitter and Instagram, Toni was completely surprised and excited with such an honor. She wrote a caption, where she appreciated her amazing looks and also thanked her by narrating the lyrics from Beyonce’s Runs the World (Girls) hit album.

With this Beyonce has become a music icon for Halloween. In her past also she had paid such homage to her five iconic inspirations by dressing herself in flaunted costumes, of which, Lil Kim, Janet Jackson are few names she dressed as.

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