T.I. “Verzuz” Jeezy: Fans React & Predict Who Will Win

T.I. and Jeezy have seemingly agreed to battle each other for the next “Verzuz” installment, sparking excitement across Twitter.

T.I have been wanting to be apart of a Verzuz battle. He was just waiting for a willing opponent. Tip was targeting 50 Cent for the popular live hit-against-hit series, but Fifty shut down the proposal and hasn’t looked back into it. It was quiet for a period of time, but now the interest in T.I.’s Verzuz challenge has been renewed, thanks to a recent call to action from Busta Rhymes.

Busta Rhymes appeared on an IG Live stream with Fat Joe where he proposed going head-to-head with the ATL rapper, however, T.I. declined the match-up. According to T.I., the generational gap between the two artists would be a bit too wide for a Verzuz.Nonetheless, Tip kept the ball rolling with possible other contenders, namely, Young Jeezy. “But if Young wanted this smoke, he’d say it,” T.I. contemplated.

Welp,  it looks like it has been said.

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