Tamar Braxton Is Sad These Days and Tells Her Fans Why

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Television personality and singer Tamar Braxton shared her sadness to fans, then opened up about why she’s feeling morose these days.

On the singer’s recent Instagram post, she shared a close-up video showing her glum face. At one point, Tamar also pouted, and fans couldn’t help but ask what is making her sad. Thankfully, the TV personality told her fans and followers all about it, explaining why she’s pouting nowadays in her caption.

According to Tamar Braxton, the beach calls her name, but no one would take her there. That’s the reason why she’s feeling sad, the singer explained.

But it isn’t only Tamar who’s feeling like that, especially this season. Many of her fans also expressed that a day at the beach would be a dream vacation nowadays. One fan wrote that she needs to go to the beach too and even jokingly added that she’s on the way to get the singer so they can go together.

Someone else also commented that Tamar should take herself to the beach instead of waiting for someone to take her. She added that she loves the beach and its tranquility, one of God’s greatest creations.

One other fan also asked the singer who or what is stopping her from going to the beach if she badly wants to go. The same Instagram user commented that she should go live her life. Meanwhile, another fan was more positive, commenting that if she wants, she’ll get there eventually and not worry about it.

Meanwhile, other fans are still going crazy with excitement after announcing that VH1 will be bringing ‘The Surreal Life’ back. The revival of one of the popular reality TV shows in the mid-2000s will bring back the favorite stars, including Tamar Braxton, Dennis Rodman, Kim Coles, and August Alsina. The starts are set for the upcoming new season, and fans couldn’t wait to watch it.

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