Tamar Braxton Made an Exciting Announcement on Instagram

ATLANTA, Ga. – Tamar Braxton delighted fans with her recent Instagram post, an exciting announcement about her new show.

The Braxton sister took to her social media to share the official trailer of the series Baddies ATL Reunion and fans may not be so excited about it. According to the TV personality, the show’s reunion episode will include lots of tea, drama, and everything in between. She also announced that she and Jason Lee would be coming back to oversee everything going down.

Baddies ATL Reunion will premiere on Zeus Network on Sunday, August 15th, and fans have second thoughts.

Tamar only shared the trailer, but fans are already pumped up for the drama that’s coming once the series airs. One commented that she already got a migraine from watching the trailer.

While many fans supported Tamar Braxton and congratulated her for the new gig, they are not huge fans of the series. Tamar will only be hosting Baddies ATL, and fans have some things to say about it, and not all good things.

One commenter wrote that she seems to have a whole different level of peace because she can’t finish the entire clip. The fan added that there’s a lot of drama and women dragging other women down, and she’s over it.

Another fan named Marianna also commented that she might want to pass on watching the show as much as she’s a Tamar fan. She explained that she’s already sick of seeing other women in the kind of light the series portray. Another also pointed out that she wouldn’t pay a dime to watch that kind of mess unfold.

One other fan asked Tamar if all the drama in the show doesn’t trigger her. The same commenter wrote that she doesn’t understand the purpose of the reunion if everybody is only going to fight each other.

It seems with the comments that while fans are happy Tamar Braxton is collecting checks, they are not huge fans of the show she’s taking on as host.

Last update was on: September 11, 2023 8:18 am

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