Taylor Swift Dropped Teaser of “End Game”: Who Will Join Her In It?

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Taylor Swift dropped her teaser for her song, “End Game.” It is the third music video from her sixth studio album, Reputation, following “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready For It?” Good Morning America anchors revealed that the music video was shot in three extravagant cities across the globe – Miami, Tokyo, and London. Fans can’t really expect less when it comes to Taylor Swift. Her glam, intellect, and visuals are always there.

Another interesting thing about Taylor Swift tracks is the people who she collaborates with. “End Game” features the British songwriter, Ed Sheeran, and the American rapper, Future. In the music video, the two guys join Taylor Swift as she parties in the yacht, the bar, and what seemed to be a double-decker bus prominent in London. Taylor Swift is also shown riding a motorcycle. Her iconic red lip is also present as she lies down and faces the camera sideways. It looks like she is also wearing a glimmering red dress.

As Future joins Taylor Swift in the yacht as if conquering the world, Ed Sheeran is also by her side as she does her quirky dance moves. She is wearing a plaid long sleeves and an eyeglass, looking cute and innocent like in the “You Belong With Me” music video. As usual, Ed Sheeran is looking adorable and awkward beside her. The last time we saw the two in a music video was in the “Everything Has Changed” music video with absolute sweetness and naivety. Their friendship has gone a long way.

Taylor Swift Dropped Teaser of “End Game”: Who Will Join Her In It?

There has been a drastic change in the Taylor Swift genre. You probably miss her wholesome and playing-the-victim image or maybe not at all. Either way, whatever way she goes to, music – or personality-wise, the limelight is always focused on her.

This “End Game” music video is a total bop and probably costs just as much as her major productions. She is seen enjoying the fireworks which looks like in the 4th of July as it is part of the lyrics. She sure does sparkle and does things with a bang.

And just like the good old days, Swifties got more theories regarding the revealed “End Game” footage. If you were here back in the time where she put out clues with capitalized letters in her lyrics to form the hidden messages, she sure does not hold back now with clues in her videos.

As Taylor walked down the streets in Tokyo, fans translated some of the Japanese translations in it.  One of it says “I wanna be in the A-Team with you” which is also part of the lyrics (A-Team, Ed Sheeran). You can also see her cats’ names, Olivia and Meredith. The word “rumor” is also seen in the clip.

The fans seem to be doing well as their Queen slays. Though, can they really prove themselves right about Katy Perry to appear in the music video? Fans speculated that Katy will be in the music video as they have seen one of the dancers who look like her. It may not be the case, but who knows, right? We can only wait for the full “End Game” music video to be released.


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