Teary Eyed Miley Cyrus Pays Tribute to Her Dear Friend


Miley Cyrus couldn’t hold her emotions from rolling down her cheeks as the star spoke chokingly at the memorial service of one of her favorite contestants, Janice Freeman from ‘The Voice – Season 13‘. The 26-year-old singer and actress was seen attending the Celebration of Life this Monday for Freeman at the Mariners Church, Irvine.

Miley was supposed to perform, but she was too overwhelmed with sorrow after she poured her heart out about her bond with Janice and had to give away the stage to her dad, Billy Ray. She did join her dad on stage later. Miley said that she was always going to be Janice’s sister and would always take care of her family.

Her touching words clearly screamed of how close she was to Janice. Miley was humble enough to say that it was not she that coached Janice instead Janice that taught her many things. Miley said, “I was never her coach, ever. She was always mine.”

She also posted some videos from the service and wrote that she would always miss Janice.

Miley Cyrus

Janice Freeman was a contestant from The Voice, 2017 where Hannah was her coach. The talented singer had a special bond with Miley Cyrus and the two kept in touch with each other even after the show was over. The singer had also helped and supported Janice both financially and emotionally for which Janice was always grateful. Janice was a cervical cancer survivor and was battling with lupus which is a rare and dangerous o-immune disease. She never hid her deteriorating health and her struggles with life. Janice died on March 2, 2019, because of extreme pneumonia and a blood clot. Janice is survived by a 12-year-old daughter Hannah and her husband, Dion.

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