The Beat Confirmed Ranking Roger Dead At The Age Of 56

The Beat gave a heartfelt statement regarding the unfortunate death of Ranking Roger.

who sadly passed away at the age of 56. Ranking Roger was a British musician who was diagnosed with two brain tumor and lung cancer in January this year. He was a reggae singer and his real name was Roger Charley. Roger was best known for being the part of the band – The Beat and later General Public. Roger was bid farewell by his bandmates who shared the RIP messages and tweets on social media. Moreover, fans, musicians and followers are also paying tributes to Roger and extending their sympathy and condolences to the late singer’s family.

Charley was a real fighter and was battling with a brain tumor as well as lung cancer simultaneously. Social media witnessed Billy Bragg, The Specials star, being one among the followers to pay tribute to the late singer Roger on Tuesday.

Ranking Roger

The reggae singer was born and brought up in Birmingham and in a few years transformed himself to become a Punk rock fan. He used to play drums in Nam Nam Boys and from there he got the lead to join The Beat in the late 70s. As he started gaining popularity, his career gave a kickstart and in the 1990s he joined hands with The Specials. Roger again transformed the band from The Specials to Special Beat which later released two live albums.

It was reported that Ranking Roger had a mini-stroke seven months ago. Then he had been fighting with brain tumors and lung cancer. Being inspired from work in The Beat and later in General Public, a biography would be published later this year. The biography will be based on his life in music.

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