The creator of Fever Magazine, Darrell Green gives back with the creation of the Atlanta Digital Publishing Group

The creator of Fever Magazine Darrell Green has become one of today most influential entrepreneurs on the net specifically in the urban community. After spending many years crafting the look and feel of one of today’s top websites for urban news and culture he has decided that so much has been learned through the process of trial and error that it is valuable information for anyone getting into the business or looking for a means to grow a publication by re-purposing content for use across the various forms of digital media. To do this he has decided to create a group for individuals interested in sharing ideas and learning about the industry of digital publishing. With the uncertainly of the marketplace for print publications and the recent announcements made by companies like Wired magazine and regarding the success of their new digital titles, the formation of the Atlanta based group for digital publishers could not have happened at a better time.

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