Today’s Best Celebrity Twitters for 11/23

1. Peter Facinelli

Looks like Mr. Facinelli had more to celebrate this week than the release of ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon.’ His wife, Jennie Garth threw him a surprise birthday party on Saturday. (He’ll turn 36 on Nov. 26.) Sounds like it was a blast.

2. Adam Lambert

After Adam Lambert’s AMAs performance on Sunday, he didn’t seem to care what the critics were saying. “All hail freedom of expression and artistic integrity,” Lambert tweeted. (In case you missed it, you can watch his performance, here.)

3. Mya

Mya has been rehearsing all weekend for the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ finale and is even coming out with “43 bruises” just on her legs! After speaking with Mya last week, we’re hoping she takes a very long vacation afterward because she deserves it. Good luck tonight!

4. Melissa Joan Hart

Jennifer Lopez’s fall during the AMAs was actually edited out by the time the show aired on the West Coast. If you didn’t check it, there’s always YouTube.

5. Taylor Swift

This has been quite a year for Taylor Swift. Thankfully she was in London to accept her awards including the coveted Artist of the Year award. And thankfully, she didn’t have to worry about Kanye West stealing her microphone

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