Top 10 Video Games Systems of All Time!

Top 10 Video Game Systems of All Time

Video game systems  haven’t been around since the dawn of time, but have made a huge impact on the world in just 3 decades.  From the next gen systems of today, to the video game systems of yesteryear, which collect dust over time only to be undusted when the urge comes to replay Super Mario Bros  for Nintendo. The video game system transports the user to a place where he/she can escape  the worries and stresses of the real world. A land with dungeons, 8 horned dragons spewing fireballs at them, and princesses to rescue. These 10 systems below are the best that the home video game platform has had to offer. Many memorable games have been titles for these systems, and this is the most important factor for us in choosing what the best video game systems have been.



10. GameCube



Gamecube was a big deal for Nintendo even though it was the 4th installment in the Nintendo series for home platform system. It was a massive leap from the N64 in graphics, but most importantly in the quality of games that were released for it. Mario Kart Double Dash would prove to be arguably the best racing game ever released.  Gamecube was a system that was equally great in graphics, games, and multi-player action. Simply put, Gamecube was yet another success for the Nintendo dynasty that combined the 2 most essential aspects of gaming together as they always consistently have. These 2 most essential aspects are simplicity and great games.

9. Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis was introduced as a rival to the Nintendo system. In order to preemptively strike against the release of the Super Nintendo, Sega branded itself with a new game and mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. With his hip attitude and style, he was marketed to seem “cooler” than Mario, Nintendo’s mascot. This first punch thrown by Sega led to a “Console War” The Genesis would eventually propel Sega to 65% of the market in North America for a brief time, before being edged out by the Super Nintendo. Besides Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog is one of the most recognizable game characters of all time, because of this The Sega Genesis has made the Fever Magazine top ten video console list.

8. Xbox

The predecessor to the much heralded Xbox 360, the original Xbox seemed to have it all: with built-in support for high-speed networking, an 8GB hard drive, DVD playback capabilities, and display support for HDTVs, the Xbox did much more than just play games. But nonetheless, it was the games that made the Xbox great, and the two games that stand out above all others are, of course, Halo 1 and 2. Arguably the greatest first person shooter game ever made, the game was almost universally loved by critics and gamers alike, and propelled Microsoft to the forefront of the gaming console war. Add to this, games such as Madden NFL 08, Ninja Gaiden, and against all expectations, the Xbox competed on equal footing with the Playstation 2 and Gamecube. Not only that, but in many ways, the Xbox was even superior to the Playstation and Gamecube (unlike the Playstation 1 and Gamcube the Xbox was actually able to play DVDs). Despite being yet another way of Microsoft invading the living rooms of the world, the Xbox has stood the test of time as a truly great gaming system.


7. Playstation 2


Playstation 2 was a strong successor to one of the greatest systems of all time in Playstation 1. Little did anyone know that Playstation 2 would outsell Playstation 1 and become the best selling video game console to date, even out-selling the original Nintendo. Released in 2000, this system incorporated games that were widely popular beyond the video game market, into popular culture itself. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas became one of the most popular titles of all time for any video game system. Playstation 2 also had a vast amount of titles to go beyond their most successful titles ranging from all the games you could play in a video game market. Whether you wanted to play the best racing games, sports games, adventure games, or arcade games, Playstation succeeded in all different styles flawlessly. Add on the first successful system to connect to the internet to play people from different countries or just your friends and dolby digital audio with 3d graphics, and you have the salient coming-of-age video game system. It has everything for anyone who ever wanted to escape the real world into the fluid fictions of the video game world.

6. Gameboy


Gameboy was the first hand held game system, and it was also the best. The games that could be played on this black and white machine were incredible. Tetris made an appearance and people everywhere became addicted to the puzzle game. Metroid 2 not only epitomized all the greatness of the former Metroid, but also added in a ton of new weapons, enemies and areas. This was the biggest surprise with the Gameboy system, that something this small could have adventure games as large as they did. Hand held systems were made afterwards in hopes of matching the power of the first hand held game system of Gameboy. These systems would never compare to the Gameboy, even with better graphics and more incandescent colors than the Gameboy. The power of this portable hand held system then lied in the quality of games and the simplicity of the engineering, both which the Gameboy perfectly embodied.


5. Atari

The mid 70’s started the video gaming craze with the introduction of Atari. Atari is the grandfather of every gaming system today. From the modest programming of Pong, to the classic arcadia of Asteroids, Atari would change the public understanding of entertainment. What was once only possible in the Arcade, was now possible in your own room on your own TV with your own controller. Atari was also where Pacman’s first introduction to the home gaming world came to be. The success of the Atari paved the way for much more elaborate games and technical systems that were able to enclose much more sophisticated programming, but without the success of the Atari, video game systems would have had no place to start, and no realization of the possibilities that laid open for home entertainment.


4. Playstation

Playstation has to be  one of the bigger advancements in video game systems. Playstation was a massive leap in graphic technology, size of games, and most importantly gaming quality. There seems to be a never ending list of great games for the Playstation including, Final Fantasy 7, Grand Theft Auto, and Metal Gear Solid. Anyone who has played these games know why they’re great. This CD based system matched the creativity of the Nintendo market and challenged it’s claims for creating the best adventure games. After Playstation was released for two years, it became a known fact that the days of cartridges would be long gone. We see today that almost all new systems that are released are some form of a CD, much to the credit of Playstation. Especially with the new advancements in gaming technology we see today, like the “Nintendo Wii.”  The unforgettable games combined with all the graphic and gaming advancements that came with the advent of the CD based video game system made the Playstation one of the best video game systems ever.


3. Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo had some starting titles like Super Mario World that were successful and made the system accepted as a proper sequel to its 8-bit predecessor. If this lists major theme is to champion the systems with the best games, then the Super Nintendo deserves the 3rd place spot, even more than its 8 bit predecessor. It takes a lot for a sequel to Metroid and Zelda to be better than their the original, as the original is what qualified the sequel in the first place. When one played Super Metroid and Zelda Link to the Past though, they have no choice but to realize that these sequels are so amazing that they superseded their predecessor that created their idea in the first place. Games like these were all over the Super Nintendo platform. Beyond the adventure and RPG’s for the system, there was the emergence of Mario Kart as the most clearly entertaining racing game to be released for any system. Super Nintendo had a longevity about it that little to no video game systems have ever had. It shouldn’t be surprised that the number 2 and 1 spots go to its predecessor and successor.


2. NIntendo Entertainment System

Nintendo has been the signature mark of the home video game system ever since it was first released in 1985. This system had started a series of games that to this day grow in popularity from the strangely appealing Mario, to the epic adventure of Zelda. The 8 bit Nintendo took the home gaming system and expanded it’s limits to places that were unimaginable at one time. Mario 1 would go on to be the most popular title for any home platform video game system with its simple but mammoth world of underwater levels, underground levels and even sky levels when the appropriate block was hit to grow a beanstalk. The amount of memorable points in Mario 1 is staggering. Have someone play Mario 1 today, someone who is not even a “true” gamer, and they will somehow still remember where most of the secrets and warps are. The graphics for the time were a sight to be seen employing an array of colors and graphic techniques that brought the viewer into awe. Nintendo was one of the biggest steps made in the home video game system market. That the games for the system still want to be played today, over much more developed gaming technology, is a sign of its greatness.

1. Wii

Wii is undoubtedly one of, if not THE greatest gaming console of all time. Nintendo was trying to make a “unique” gaming experience. And it’s here that they have succeeded beyond measure. Wii Nintendo has released some of its most creative and fun gaming experiences in years, with games such as Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports, and many others. But, there’s more to the Wii than just the games: not only do you now actually get a brand new, unique gaming experience where you are able to swing a sword around as Link, or a golf club as Tiger Woods. In addition to Wii-specific titles available at retail, the console is also fully backwards-compatible with all GameCube discs. Moreover, the system’s “Virtual Console” will allow users to download classic titles from past Nintendo consoles, as well as games originally released for the Sega Genesis. Making the Wii the best video game system of all time. While some people might not agree, because the Wii is so new.  Name another game system where you get just as much exercise as you get a great gaming experience. Until the next game system arrives and knocks the Wii out of the number 1 spot Fever Magazine’s list of the Top Ten Video Game Systems is complete.


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