Traci Braxton’s Dramatic Weightloss Shocks and Concerns Fans

SEVERN, Md. – Traci Braxton shocked and concerned her fans after she showed up looking like a different person with her dramatic weight loss. 

It’s no secret to her fans that Traci has struggled with her weight for a very long time. But they couldn’t help but get concerned after the star looked like she lost a lot of weight, enough that she starts to look like someone else. Many are wondering if she crossed a line in her quest to drop some pounds. 

The curiosity came after Traci Braxton shared a series of photos taken from her son’s wedding on her social media page. People couldn’t help but comment on the amount of weight she lost based on the photos. She looks a lot different from her previous photos, and fans were alarmed. 

Instead of fans congratulating her on losing the pounds she always wanted to get rid of, many were concerned for her health. Many assumed that she’d gone the opposite way because of the unbelievable change in her body. 

People went to the comment section to express their worries about Traci. But the star seemed to take it the wrong way and was over the criticism that she ended up turning the comment option off. Traci is yet to address the concerns and share the reason behind her dramatic change.  

It could be that her followers are jumping to a conclusion. But it’s also possible that Traci’s dramatic weight loss isn’t intentional and may be caused by some health problems. Either way, fans couldn’t wait for her to talk about it publicly if she even decided to address it. 

After all, it’s been a while since Traci’s fans have seen her on social media. It was why her drastic weight loss took everyone by surprise. She’s currently married to Kevin Surratt, and they have been together for over two decades. 

Meanwhile, fans hope that her weight loss was intentional and healthy and isn’t because of a serious health issue. 

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