Tyga Got Involved In A Clash At Mayweather’s Birthday Bash

On February 23, 2019, Rapper Tyga was one among many who had attended Floyd Mayweather’s 42nd birthday bash. According to sources, everything was normal until the Hookah hitmaker indulged into a verbal and physical altercation with one of the other guests. One of the witnesses told the press that the real reason for the altercation isn’t known, but the owners of the club weren’t happy to look at the scene.

Tyga Got Involved In A Clash At Mayweather’s Birthday Bash

One of the daily news reporting agencies has even released a tape where the guards of the Sunset Room can be seen hurling Tyga out of the club. In the footage, the rapper can clearly be heard urging to one of the guards to just let him go. The guard was holding Tyga and was dragging him out of the venue. When the rapper artist was thrown out of the club, he tried to take the gun of his bodyguard in retaliation but wasn’t able to do so.

After the incident took place, one of the police officials told news agency that no one had came forward for registering a complaint against the rapper. On the contrary, neither Tyga nor his representatives made any comments regarding the incidence which took place last Saturday and created hype at Sunset Room in Los Angeles.

This isn’t the first time when Tyga had been involved in a dispute; a similar incident took place back in 2017. During that incident, law and order authorities of Los Angeles had to place the rapper inside their squad car and then he was taken away for a sobriety test. Later that event, Liliana Preciado, an officer at LAPD had informed the press that the rapper’s vehicle was stopped for a check as it had number plates made up of paper. The officers let go of the rapper after a sobriety test.


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