Tyler, The Creator Confirms Bisexuality In New Interview

Rapper Tyler, The Creator has confirmed speculation he is attracted to men by revealing he had a boyfriend in his teens.

Fans began assuming the hip-hop star was bisexual after the release of his new album Flower Boy last month – the project featured songs alluding to his attraction to men.

Lyrics on his new track I Ain’t Got Time, like, “Next line will have ’em like ‘Whoa’/ I’ve been kissing white boys since 2004”, suggested he is gay and on Tuesday Tyler confirmed fans’ suspicions on the Koopz Tunes radio show.

“I had a boyfriend when I was 15 in f**king Hawthorne (California),” the 26-year-old revealed. “If that’s not open minded, I don’t know what is.”

Tyler did not elaborate on his romantic affair and instead moved on to topics surrounding his career.

The hitmaker revealed he’s not sure if he will tour on the back of Flower Boy, noting his upcoming show at his own Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles in October has a “75 per cent chance” of becoming his final performance of the year.

“I don’t f**king know,” he reflected before declaring, “I’m not going on tour this year. I might do, like, a week and a half of random cities, but I’m actually not going to go on tour this year.”

Flower Boy is Odd Future star Tyler’s fourth record and his first release as a Columbia Records artist.

He’s not the first Odd Future collective star to ‘come out’ – former group mate Frank Ocean published an open letter on his Tumblr blog in 2012, recalling his feelings for another man when he was 19.

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