Vance Found Guilty 2008 beating death of KATV’s Anne Pressly.

Little Rock – A Pulaski County jury has found Curtis Lavelle Vance guilty of capital murder, rape and burglary in the 2008 beating death of KATV’s Anne Pressly.

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The jury in the Curtis Vance capital murder trial has returned a verdict of GUILTY on all counts.

When the panel emerged from the jury room shortly after 3:00 p.m., it was the second time they had done so.

At 1:45, they emerged from the jury room, and the judge and attorneys joined them in the courtroom.

They asked for two things, one, they wanted a written transcript of Vance’s interviews and confession to police. Judge Chris Piazza told them the transcripts were not available, but they were free to consult the tapes that have been played in court.

Secondly, the jury asked for smaller versions of diagrams presented in court that explained DNA and described the layout of Pressly’s home. Piazza told them the smaller diagrams were not available. They then returned to the jury room by 1:55.

After more than three hours of closing arguments, the case was given to the jury around 12:45.

Vance also faces rape and burglary charges in the attack on TV anchor Anne Pressly that led to her death five days later in October 2008.

Earlier today, Vance had something to say as he was led into court.

Vance’s remarks centered on evidence in the case. He said, “I want the world to know that when they opened that evidence bag in court yesterday and there wasn’t no hair in it, why was they talking about it at the state crime lab when it was supposed to been at that trial? That’s what I’m talking about.”

The prosecution and defense rested their cases yesterday after the jury heard testimony from a medical examiner describing the brutal beating that led to Pressly’s death.

Earlier this week, a police detective told jurors that Vance confessed to being at Pressly’s home the night she was murdered. The jury also heard recordings during the trial in which the 29-year-old Vance apparently confessed to beating Pressly with a piece of wood.

Vance could face life in prison or the death penalty if convicte

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