Veteran actor Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower finally quit their marriage

According to page six, veteran actor, Robert De Niro and wife Grace Hightower have given up on their marriage. Reportedly the couple was living together since last two decades and were expected to make their split official during the upcoming weeks. In the recent past, the Taxi Driver fame actor hasn’t seen accompanied by his wife in several events which have escalated the gossip rate within the fans and media. Most of the people had started to make speculations that the couple have split with each other.

Recently, an insider told the press that at present De Niro and Hightower aren’t living with each other anymore. Another source told the press that Robert is indulged at few things without his wife Grace and the speculation is that the couple isn’t living with each other at present. The veteran actor and Hightower were married back in ’97 after the couple dated each other for near about a decade. The couple also shares two children with each other.

According to a news agency, Robert De Niro had filed for divorce back in ’99, just after two years of marriage from Hightower. Eventually, he then called off the divorce as they both sorted out the things between them. Again in 2004, Robert De Niro and Hightower renewed their wedding vows in Catskills, New York, which was attended by many celebrities viz. Ben Stiller, Martin Scorsese, and Merly Streep.

Actor Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower met each other back in ’87. At that time Hightower was employed at Mr. Chow. During the years when the couple dated and then got married with each other Grace also turned into a singer, actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She had launched a coffee brand back in 2013 which helped in various good causes. Apart from Grace, actor De Niro also shares two children with his former wife, Diahnne Abbott.

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