The Voice: The Battle Begins

Every season of the voice promises to deliver some of the freshest talents around. It unique from the other talent competitions in that the judges make their choices based on vocal talent only: the auditions are blind.

This week, however, is the start of the Battles, where two members of the same team sing a competitive duet to be chosen to stay another week. Here are my favorite performances of the night.

Johnny Gates vs. Sammie Zonana: “I Drove All Night”

It’s a common song to hear at the local Karaoke bars, and artists around the globe often cover it. It was refreshing to hear two rocking voices tap into that side of music that has been devoid of real talent the last few years. Johnny is hands down the more accomplished musician, accompanying the duet with his guitar and standing out as the clear winner. I’m excited to see what he can do under #TeamGwen and her full scope of all musical genres.

Aliyah Moulden vs. Dawson Coyle: “Walking on Sunshine”

This adorable duo would not be out of place at any awards show. Their energy was pure, their talent clear. Dawson is the more polished sound with a firm control of his voice. I am not surprised though that #TeamBlake went with Aliyah Moulden who is more youthful and raw. She could be promising if she learns to control her sound better.

The Voice 2017 Battle – Felicia Temple vs. Quizz Swanigan: “Titanium”

Both of these contestants are surprisingly gifted. Felicia has a range that hits the roof and falls through the floor, but it is hard to compete with the 13-year-old Quizz Swanigan who invokes memories of a young Michael Jackson with his energy and control. They are powerful voices that will go far just for having been on ‘The Voice’ stage. Not surprisingly, #TeamAlicia picked Quizz to go on and battle again next week.

The Voice 2017 Battle – Gaby Borromeo vs. Mark Isaiah: “Pillowtalk”

This was the least inspiring performance of the night. They were both talented individuals but their energy was lackluster. Gaby is a beautiful singer and has a unique style that may carry her after the show, but #TeamAdam went with Mark Isaiah who also has a youthful sound and potential to grow as an artist.

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