Wale Surprises Us With New EP “The Imperfect Storm”

Current world events are Wale’s motivation for surprise EP The Perfect Storm this is his way of speaking into the controversial conversation. This six-song EP was released on Juneteenth. If the aims of this EP weren’t made explicit enough by the title and release date. The cover art featuring fire and protests in the street illustrates what Wale’s aim is with this release. The Imperfect Storm doesn’t include many features. Being one of Maybach Music Group rapper & being one of the most meticulous wordsmiths in the entertainment world, it was inevitable that he’d speak on these troubling matters.


The EP opens with the track “MOVIN DIFFERENT”, an upbeat song that cites the progress being made, but calls to keep the momentum of change going. Wale raps “some rich black n***** ain’t donate nothin’, I won’t say nothin, but bro, do better”.

After the slight interlude “SHIT DON’T STOP”, which features some incredible vocals from Eric Bellinger, who appears on other songs in this EP. Wale closes it out with “MAAJO”. This track, which truly is a summation of the conflicts faced by black American’s.

Wale’s second verse draws the message of this track as he raps: “Jobs gettin’ slimmer, blocks gettin’ thicker, the cops ain’t vigilant, let’s see if you payin’ attention, obituary full of innocent black n*****, habitual serial killers in a badge”.

During current times we are living in an imperfect storm. Wale grants insight, provides calls to action, and even giving us a classic Wale hit in this uniquely crafted EP.



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