Wendy’s Say on Kylie’s Pregnancy and Split With Travis

In split second, Wendy Williams turned the spotlight on Kylie’s pregnancy rumors while reporting about Khloe Kardashian’s confirmation of pregnancy and that it is going to be the model’s first child with her partner Tristan. Williams mentioned Kylie as being so secretive about her pregnancy. Wendy started her showbiz reports upon sitting on her purple TV show couch.

Williams bravely said the possible reason why, and it is because Kylie and Travis are no longer together. According to her, Travis refused to discuss about Kylie in an interview with Dateline.

On the other side, from what she noticed, Kylie is no longer exposing herself to social media unlike before. She wasn’t even at the released Kardashian’s Christmas card. She turned her back to see the picture on the screen and said that she can only see the children on it, so she looked for the adults that made her audiences laugh.

Williams shredded everything from Kylie’s pregnancy to the physical surgical enhancement she has undergone until she turned into the look she has now.Wendy also added that no matter how and what Kylie does to her body, the baby will still get her mom’s original physical features. She recalled Tyga’s relationship with Kylie that failed to last as well and the lip kit business she is running at an early age.

Williams is somehow showing regrets about the young star’s pregnancy at an early age. She even said that Travis doesn’t mind being involved in the issue because Kylie can provide for herself and the baby, and he can still continue his rockstar career anyway.

Wendy’s Say on Kylie’s Pregnancy and Split With Travis

After seconds of silence, Wendy continued talking and expressed how fast it is for a 20-year-old to enter this life-changing chapter of her life. Kylie’s pregnancy must be very shocking for most of her fans not only because she’s still young but also because of the future struggles she might encounter as she enters motherhood.

On a separate source, Kylie personally chose to keep everything secret until the baby is finally born. She’s closely making sure that no one could know, let alone guess where and when she’s going to deliver the baby. According to the same report, she’s planning to sell her baby’s first pictures for some big bucks to a known magazine.

The pregnancy of Kylie has been a big news for everyone in and outside the industry. However, she said that she was happy about the upcoming bundle of joy she is expecting. Keeping it was just her way to keep her privacy about her pregnancy details.

Although she claims to have a healthy pregnancy, Kylie is allegedly having a hard time dealing with pregnancy mood swings and coping with the failed relationship.

Nonetheless, as she welcomes the upcoming new member of the family, she also welcomes the idea of moving to New York for a big change. Her decisions aren’t reported to be final yet. Everyone, especially her supporters, is excited about the mini Kylie to be seen on the screen. Let’s all hope for Kylie’s pregnancy and her safe delivery.

Last update was on: January 31, 2024 10:52 am

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