While Being In Her Trimester, Jessica Simpson Is Severely Infected With Bronchitis

Singer and fashion designer, Jessica Simpson had to spend a week at the hospital before she was discharged. The fashion mogul is all set to give birth to her third child, but at the same time, she is also suffering from a severe case of bronchitis. Jessica Simpson is expecting a baby girl whom she had planned to name Birdie. Through her Instagram account, the singer addressed her fans around the globe and informed them about her present health condition.

On March 3, 2019, Jessica Simpson, told her fans that she has finally arrived her home after a couple of rough weeks at the hospital. The Singer and fashion designer also shared the news that she had to make several visits to the hospital for the last two months. Above her message, Jessica had placed a photograph in which she was wearing a mask on her face and a printed hoodie over the hospital gown. The celebrity also said that it is too hard for her to fight for her health while she’s pregnant with the third child.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson gave assurance to her fans and well-wishers that her daughter is safe and sound while she’s trying to get her health back. She further quoted that her unborn child was monitored by the doctors and her vitals are normal. The star also said that she can’t wait any longer to see the sweet, smiling face of her newborn baby girl.

Back in the month of January, Jessica Simpson had shared a photograph in which her feet were swollen. Back then she had asked advice from her fans about how to get proper relief from pregnancy aches. Since the star is pregnant, she is also dealing with sciatica and insomnia. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson were married in 2014, and the couple has two children named Ace and Maxwell.

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