Will Smith Stars in Film about Venus and Serena Williams’s Dad

The official trailer of “King Richard,” which is the biographical drama movie following the life of Richard Williams, Venus and Serena Williams’s father, is now officially viewable on YouTube. You can find this 3-minute-long video clip uploaded yesterday, October 21, on Will Smith’s official YouTube channel, where the Hollywood actor has more than 9.54 million subscribers.

This online presentation features Will Smith introducing the movie trailer, and you will feel surprised as he was with Venus and Serena Williams. The latter told the viewers not to miss out on the movie about their celebrated father. 

Will Smith plays the title role in “King Richard,” which follows the journey of the undeterred Dad instrumental in raising two of the most extraordinarily gifted athletes of all time. If you are curious about Venus and Serena Williams’s father, he is Richard Dove Williams, Jr. He is a tennis coach from Shreveport, Louisiana. 

Venus and Serena Williams’s father is now 79 years old, and the inspiring movie based on his family’s true story features himself being driven by a clear vision for her daughters’ future. Richard Williams utilized unconventional techniques to take Venus and Serena from the streets of Compton, California to the international stage as legendary sports superstars. 

Moreover, Mr. Williams did all his best to ensure Venus and Serena Williams metamorphose from tennis prodigy to professional. In “King Richard,” you will also learn that the determined father proved his detractors wrong. 

Some people informed Venus and Serena Williams’s parent that tennis was only for families with unlimited financial resources. However, Mr. Williams did not believe so, and you can see how he did it in the incredible and triumphant story of dreams and determination about his two daughters, who he helped become the Mozarts of tennis.

When you check out the YouTube video titled “King Richard – Official Trailer 2” on Will Smith’s official YouTube channel, it has already amassed exactly 81,144 views as of today, October 22. 

You can watch this movie about Venus and Serena Williams’s father starting Friday, November 19, in theaters. You can also relish a month-long simultaneous release of “King Richard” on the HBO Max streaming service.

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