Young Dolph’s Funeral Makes Family, Friends, and Fans Shattered

If you have been following the latest developments, you will learn that Young Dolph’s funeral happened this week. The murdered rapper was laid to rest yesterday, Tuesday, November 30.

During Young Dolph’s funeral service, you can tell that his family, friends, and supporters feel immensely broken. These people near and dear to the late Chicago, Illinois native received a pamphlet.

Through this booklet handed out at the funeral service to Young Dolph’s funeral attendees, the rapper’s loved ones received a wonderful perspective on the kind young man Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr., better known as Young Dolph, was.

Moreover, you can read from the reports about Young Dolph’s funeral that the pamphlet given out exhibited lovely images of the gunned-down rap artist and his wife, pictures of his young children and his family, his elegant photoshoots, and several of his photos when he was a youth. 

This funeral booklet also included a bold quote from the late rapper printed on the second page, which said that everything happens for a reason and that nothing in this world stays the same for good.

As Young Dolph’s funeral happened, you will surely feel equally devastated as his loved ones. After all, this musician, who was brought to his final resting place 13 days after his tragic death, was merely 36 years old.

Additionally, he leaves behind his bereaved wife and young children. If you feel shocked to learn just now about Young Dolph’s funeral, you will learn that before this event, the hip-hop world was shocked last Wednesday, November 17.

Young Dolph’s loved ones and fans learned the horrible news that their beloved Memphis rapper, Young Dolph, was fatally shot while purchasing cookies at a local Memphis cookie shop he had frequented.

The unwitting deceased rapper did not know of any person in his city that wanted him to die. Additionally, Young Dolph did not have any reservations about stepping out of his Tennessee home without safety precautions.

You can tell that Young Dolph’s funeral yesterday and his tragic death are surely tough pills to swallow for all of his peers, family, and avid fans. The murder suspects have already been captured and charged.

However, you will agree that what makes Young Dolph’s funeral and death horrendous for his loved ones and supporters is that nothing can be performed to reverse these sorrowful events that happened to their beloved rap star.

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