YouTube Formally Cut Ties With Vlogger Logan Paul

YouTube formally cut ties with vlogger Logan Paul after a week of debating on how to deal with his film about a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara forest. Paul and his team were visiting the commonly known “suicide forest” as part of their trip to Japan.

The 15-minute video posted last December 31 prompted tremendous outcry and responses from the viewers.They are urging YouTube to “take action” and ban Paul’s channel.

YouTube has announced that Paul apologized profusely for posting the original video.  After initially being criticized for failing to take sufficient stance on Paul’s action, YouTube finally puts down the company’s corporate foot.

The company forbids posting of any violent or offensive content in a disrespectful, obscene, or shocking way. Thus, YouTube has partnered with safety groups such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to provide educational resources that are incorporated into their YouTube Safety Center.

As a consequence of Paul’s inappropriate action, the top-tier Google Preferred ads program removed his video and content channels. Also, none of his upcoming films,such as The Thinning: New World Order, will be offered as YouTube originals on the services subscription-based YouTube Red.

The 22-year-old posted a written apology on Twitter after taking down his insensitive video from the Internet. According to his letter, he intended to raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention.

YouTube Formally Cut Ties With Vlogger Logan Paul

He added that he did not do it to gather views since he always got views. He posted the video with the thought of creating a positive motion on social media and not to create a flood of negativity. Paul admitted that he was misguided by shock and awe, thinking that if his video can save a life, then it will be worth it.

In the video, Paul said he hadn’t monetized the film.He further stated that the video wash is most real vlog he has ever posted on his channel. According to him, there will never be another video similar to what he had. The clip was the uploaded with the title “We Found a Dead Body in the Japanese Suicide Forest.”

As they approached the body, their guide phoned the police. Paul and his team filmed the suicide victim up close. Although the victim’s face was blurred, his hands, clothes, and abandoned bag were visible in the film. In the video clip, Paul was seen struggling to suppress a laugh as the group continued to stand around the body, filming their reactions.

Tweets about Logan Paul’s irresponsibility have flooded. Even celebrities joined in condemning his video, including Sophie Turner who had branded him as an “idiot” who doesn’t deserve success.

With his income and online fame being wiped out, Logan Paul admitted in his apology that he had handled his power incorrectly. He concluded his Twitter post saying that he is always reminded that he was indeed a big reach.

He further added the famous phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility.” He also expressed how regretful he has been to handle the power he had incorrectly. At the last part of his tweet, Logan Paul vowed that won’t happen again.

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