Zero Calories?


How do they do that? I’ll tell you. One word; chemicals. I could list all the things you’ve probably never heard of unless you’re a chemical engineer that are the ingredients of ServiVita’s BBQ sauce, however that would just be a way to pad my word count. The reality comes down to, “How does it taste?”

I’ve been using this for a week now, and the final test is upcoming when I use another product that I received at The LA Fit Expo from Angelic: Flattza they call it. Whole grains and non GMO as well. They’ve also allowed their gluten to run free.  Spinach that you can buy anywhere, two eggs (yes, I still eat eggs), and some homemade avocado salsa will create a single serving pizza.

The sauce itself goes on anything, and it does taste and smell like your everyday BBQ sauce that you can get at your regular grocery store. No vinegary hint either. The difference here is that it doesn’t, or rather shouldn’t, cost your body anything, and is completely okay. It comes in a squirt bottle, and says one serving is a tablespoon, but who’s going to measure like that?  I probably won’t give you a picture of this creation, simply because I haven’t composed a shot of food lately that would be appetizing to the reader. Furthermore, the pizza became an omelette as I folded it over onto itself when it was done.

They also make a pancake syrup that I have yet to try with the pancake mix I received from Lakanto, and I’ll write separately about that experience.

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