Zoe Saldana Wants To “Celebrate Women Of Color”

New Kohl’s x Adidas Line

Zoe Saldana is serving together sportswear brand Adidas and department store Kohls. For an activewear collection meant to “highlight, support, and celebrate women of color”. According to the actor and activist. This collaboration, which was announced on Thursday, includes workout sets and leisurewear, as well as sneakers and accessories. “Kohl’s is a brand that has taken pride in making its products financially accessible to the larger American population,” Saldana tells Refinery29 in a recent interview. “Adidas is taking the lead to invigorating women to flourish by taking pride in their health and wellness…” It felt like a great match.”

“As a woman of today, a mother, and an entrepreneur, it’s become incredibly important for me to connect with other women by sharing our stories as we navigate through life trying to be the best versions of ourselves,” the Guardians of the Galaxy star says. “I’m motivated by strong women who face their adversities with the conviction and certainty that they can achieve anything.”

In 2018, Saldana founded BESE, a media company devised to encourage and magnify the voices of the Latinx community. “The contributions that POC have given to this nation are immense,” she says. “It is our duty to spin the pendulum to the other extreme in order to achieve a balance in our narrative of all American people regardless of their race, gender, creed, or preference.” Saldana is now taking BESE’s deputation to the collaboration with the two notable fashion companies.
“The women I grew up with were my first muses,” she says. “I loved every curve of their bodies. However, I also witnessed how discouraged they’d become when shopping at department stores and not seeing representatives of themselves.” Designers too often create with a single body shape in mind. And rarely is it a body with curves. “I saw them struggling to gain access to garments that would celebrate their god-given shapes,” Saldana says. To combat the frustrating shopping experience that so many women have been forced to deal with for years. Saldana’s Kohls x Adidas collection makes all women “feel sexy and be the best versions of themselves.”

“I wanted the models to look like the women that are going to be buying the collection,” Saldana says. In the end, those chosen were representative of Saldana’s first muses. Her sisters, cousins, friends, and peers: “These are my queens.”

Thee versatility was crucial to Saldana.“Every article in the collection was meant to help provide athleisure options to all women to support them through their day knowing they are all juggling a million things,” she says. One selection for the all-day-grind is a matching tracksuit in a softened berry color with orange accents (a personal favorite of Saldana). “It made me feel like I could move with ease and comfort.”
There is also a sports bra-and-leggings set, which the actor states are best for yoga and being homey. As well as a number of simplistic, comfortable T-shirts for everyday wear. Two pairs of sneakers and a waist pack for your essentials. The collection, which is available in sizes XS to XXL and costs between $25 and $65, will launch at select Kohl’s store locations, as well as online and at Adidas.com, on September 30.


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