A More Affordable Mac

Mac has released a more reasonable and affordable edition to its line of laptops. Apple’s new MacBook Unibody is built using the same unibody techniques as the Aluminum Pros but with white plastic. That means it feels much more solid than the previous plastic MacBooks: there’s zero flex when you pick it up by a corner, and the keyboard is nicely rigid. There’s is a price you pay for the durability though, the battery is now sealed in. Unlike the Pros, the screen is still set in by a plastic bezel instead of edge-to-edge glass, which means it’s a little less glossy overall — but make no mistake, it can still serve as a mirror in a pinch. However the ports have gotten a downgrade — there’s no FireWire, no SD card slot, no dedicated line-in. Instead you get just two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, Mini DisplayPort, and a combo headphone / line-in jack. The Macbook Unibdy retails for $800, a very good price for a mac.

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