Portable Photograph To Digital Picture Converter

Finally there is a device for people, who refuse to keep up with the times. Non-digital camera users can now upload paper photos directly instead of snapping a photo of it. The Portable Photograph To Digital Picture Converter is here to help you out. It will offer a superior image quality compared to a snapped image, and works without having to be connected to a computer at all.

The device’s twin rollers gently accept prints up to 4″ x 6″ and scan them at up to 1800 x 1200 resolution, quickly converting each photograph into an individual, high-quality JPEG digital picture file which is saved onto your preferred memory card. The converter supports CF, MS, MS-Pro, MMC, XD, and SD memory card formats – the included 512MB SD card can store up to 250 pictures at the highest resolution. Once stored onto a memory card, you can transfer your pictures to a computer for additional editing as you desire using the built-in USB port and cable. Powered by its included AC adapter.

Expect the Portable Photograph To Digital Picture Converter to retail for $119.95 from Hammacher.com

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