Amazon Echo Sub Review

Amazon’s Alexa-based Echo has gained huge popularity in the last year. Thanks to this success, now Amazon has launched speakers in sizes right from a single dot to tall beer-can style, and the sound quality has just improved with each launch. And now they have launched this new solid-sounding bass model, Echo Sub.

So, here is a brief review of this amazing product to help in deciding if you want to invest in the Amazon Echo Sub.

The First LookAmazon Echo Sub


You have to buy Amazon Echo Sub online, so it is delivered in a very compact package, which is securely packed and handed over. This piece comes with a sticker stating to ready the Echo speakers before plugging the Sub in (It does not matter, but helps in making the setup process smooth).

The Sub is a compact sized device with an attractive look and has just enough weight (at least you get to know that the components are of genuine quality by it). Its top has the matte charcoal finish and the soft, rounded edges with cloth covering makes it quite attractive for a perfect fit in our place (although thanks to its compact size, you can place it anywhere like behind the sofa or near cabinet). In a nutshell, the Amazon Echo Sub has looks that won’t ruin the look of your living room and décor.


The main and important feature of this Sub is its 6-inch woofer that you can see on the underside. It has robust surround sound and a motor structure that looks very sturdy. And for the power usage, it only takes in a 100-watt amp. Apart from this, there is only a reset button on the backside of the sub. That’s it nothing more input or output methods. The only way to connect with the Amazon Echo Sub is via an Echo Speaker.


Seeing the design, it surprises with the ease of setup. One just needs to open the Alexa app on mobile and add the Echo Sub. Once you plug in the sub, connect it to your Wi-Fi network (make sure you are connecting it to the same network as the Echo speakers). Then the last step is to pair it with the Echo Speakers. And your sub is ready to play.


Performance wise, the Amazon Echo Sub can get really loud (you can actually piss off the neighbors if staying in apartments). It also plays a bit deeper than the successors. The best thing is that you cannot guess the place where the sub was placed, and it mixes very well with the music unless you place them far away from the speakers. The quality of bass is quite respectable, and so is the overall performance of this sub.

So, in a nutshell, these Amazon Echo definitely bring in the missing bass in the previous models and best if you want to make the Alexa a complete system, but here’s the catch, this model works with only the Echo speakers, and so limits its usage.


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