Apple HomeKit Review

Apple HomeKit is an interesting solution for anyone willing to set up a DIY smart-home system. This is the ultimate solution for a smart home. If you are an existing Apple user, things get a lot easier for you. Apple HomeKit is very similar to all the smart-home hub devices present in the market these days. iOS is the only thing that makes it different from all of them. The idea behind these hubs is very simple. Instead of having a bunch of devices to control all your smart devices, these hubs help you in controlling everything from one place.

Benefits of using Apple HomeKit                        

Apple never really disappoints us. It has some extremely pleasing features associated with it. Here are some of the benefits of using Apple HomeKit:

  • The first and probably the best part about this device is that it is super easy to use. You can get started with the device, even if you have very little knowledge about Apple products. It helps you in controlling all your devices very quickly with the help of a single mobile application.
  • All of us grow after a particular period of time. As we grow, our needs expand. HomeKit manages these needs amazingly as well. It helps you to make changes in your devices and smart-home system.
  • You do not have to worry about security if you have HomeKit by your side. Apple understands the major concern for security in almost everyone. So, the smart-home system notifies you whenever it senses an unfriendly interference in your house.
  • HomeKit supports Siri, the virtual assistant created and used in Apple products. Siri takes voice commands and processes it further.
  • HomeKit is great in terms of comfort and convenience. You can give commands from anywhere in your house. Also, there is a feature called scenes. Scenes are basically a scheduling feature. It performs specific actions at a particular period.

The downside of Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is indeed a great product. However, just like any other device, it has a downside. Most of these are nothing major though it can definitely help you in making a decision. These are:

  • The most obvious demerit of using an Apple product is that it is compatible with a limited number of devices. So, You need to be very sure of the compatibility of a smart device if you have an Apple HomeKit.
  • The idea behind buying a smart-home hub is to control all devices from one place. Unfortunately, the mobile application is not capable of giving full control. It doesn’t allow complete control over various smart device.
  • You must have an iOS device to get started with the smart-home hub.

Installing Apple HomeKit

Installing this Apple device is very easy. You just need to install the Apple HomeKit mobile application. The app will automatically navigate you through the process further.

Should You Invest in Apple HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit is an excellent option if you are setting up a smart-home. It makes controlling all the devices easy. You simply must go for it if you all-apple-product type of home. Otherwise, there are still many options available in the market.


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