Apple iPad 2018 – What Makes It Special?

Apple did it once again, by introducing a new iPad in the segment with added features like Apple pencil which helps you to sketch and draw various illustrative graphs and drawings on the screen. Apple has released its latest, 2018 iPad in two memory segments viz. 32GB and 128GB which are either WI-FI or cellular operability. The cost of the iPad ranges from $329 to $559, if you want to draw, right on the screen of the iPad then you have to purchase a Pencil worth $99.

Product design

iPad has a sleek design, with 9.7 inches of screen and aluminum body. Apple has given emphasis on maintaining the weight of the gadget so that users don’t have to feel wrist strains. The WI-FI model weighs around 1.03 pounds, whereas the LTE model weighs about 1.05 pounds.

The pencil

Though the pencil costs an additional $99, if you are a student then you can get it at $89. Apple’s pencil doesn’t showcase any latency while you draw lines on the screen. In addition, one can also get genuine tilt sensitivity while using the pencil which helps to create great sketches. Though the pencil enhances the user experience, it is costlier than what it is supposed to be.


Apple iPad

The pixel range of Apple’s 2018 iPad is about 2048 x 1536, thus you can easily do your office work or watch movies or play games since it provides high picture quality. Unlike some other application, Apple’s iPad possess 119% RBG coloring gamut, which is pretty impressive. Higher the percentage of coloring gamut higher picture quality a user will receive. The display of iPad lacks in comparison to some Chrome books, which ranges from 11 to 15 inches.

Overall performance

Once charged iPad can work for about 10 long haul hours without fail. The new iPad of Apple comes with 2GB DDR RAM and quadcore processor with 2.34 GHz speed; this helps it in fast processing. One can also do tons of multitasking on iPad 2018. iOS 12 has provided an added advantage to the gadget as now, one will be able to get desktop-like features on his or her iPad.

When you are on the home screen of the iPad, then it will show all of your applications on the left side of the screen, while the control panel lies on to the right side. This will help you a lot in proper management of various applications. One can also experience augmented reality application with iPad in which you can zoom in live imageries and can gather detailed information about their every other feature.

The verdict

If you are a professional who wants to manage your office files in a better manner and want to access them efficiently, then iPad 2018 is the answer to your every other problem. The gadget is also beneficial for students as it will help them to write notes instantly during their studies which they can easily retrieve for future use. The gadget is also beneficial for painters and artists, as one can instantly draw quality images and then can publish them over the internet.


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