Apple iPhone Xs Review

The Apple iPhone Xs is among Apple’s best and smartest iPhone ever created. Apple released three iPhone in mid-2018 namely iPhone X, iPhone Xs, and the X’s Max. All the three iPhones are almost identical in terms of looks. The only noticeable difference is the screen size. The iPhone Xs also sits in the middle of these two phones in terms of performance as well as price. Apple is a very reputed brand which is known to produce the best devices. The Xs is one of Apple’s flagship devices. Thus there is no compromise in its looks, speed, and performance. Let’s have a close at the amazing X’s.


iPhone Xs

The iPhone Xs features a 5.8 inch AMOLED display which is bright and lively. The phone is actually a precious metal and glass sandwich. Its weight and dimensions are also exactly the same. The positioning of the plastic antenna band on edge is the only physical difference between the X and Xs. The X’s features a water-resistant screen. Its display is crystal clear because each of the pixels has its own lighting source. The color reproduction and contrast are again superb which makes the screen easily readable even in the bright sunlight. You can enjoy 4k and HD videos on the Xs without any compromise in quality.

The display of the phone responds to even the lightest touches. Apple has also removed the home button which makes more room for the screen. The fingerprint scanner is now integrated into the screen itself which is very convenient to use. Overall the display on the iPhone Xs is never going to disappoint you.


As it is an Apple device, the performance of the Xs is as good as it’s brilliant display. It is powered by the latest Apple A12 bionic which beats almost every other processor. It is not only faster than the previous iPhone but is the fastest device working at almost twice the speed of this year’s latest Android devices. Apple has also increased the battery capacity which is always an issue with the iPhones. The new battery performs good but is not the best. Android devices like Samsung and OnePlus beats it in terms of battery.


You all must be familiar with the camera quality iPhone offers. The phone has got a dual 12 MP rear camera which is capable of taking extraordinary pictures. The video looks real with vibrant colors. The specialty of the iPhone Xs camera is that it takes great photos in low light conditions. The rear camera is teamed up with great 1.4 um pixels sensors. You can see impressive 4k videos at 60 fps with the rare camera. The front camera is also amazing. Though the pixels are less in comparison to Android devices however it still performs much better.

Final verdict

The only matter of concern is the price as the Xs is really costly. However, you are paying for top-notch features and a brand like Apple. But it is advisable to go for the Xs Max as it the better in many aspects in comparison to the Xs. It has a bigger display size and a bigger battery.


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