Asus’ All-new ROG 6 Is Available for Preorder in North America; Price Starts at $999

Asus has been known for the outstanding performance of both its computers and smartphones. Many gamers opt for this particular brand for their gaming needs. We all know that gaming is not a luxury anymore; for some, it has already become their source of income. This new Asus smartphone might excite you if you are part of that population. Introducing: the all-new Asus ROG 6.

This new smartphone has been launched in Europe and United Kingdom and is now available for preorder in North America. This particular unit has three variants, and its base model starts at $999. The upgraded version is capped at $1,099, and the Asus ROG 6 Pro is priced at $1,299.

As for its base model, it has 12GB RAM and a storage of 256GB. The upgraded version has 16GB RAM and 512GB storage. As for the Pro, it has the same storage capacity but an upgraded RAM of 18GB. 

All variants are 6.78 inches with an OLED screen compatible with HDR10 Plus. You can also pick from black or white for its casing. 

Suppose you are also the player who prefers playing with a “physical controller”; good news! The Asus ROG 6 can be paired with its remote, the Kunai 3. It has all the buttons that a gaming console controller has, like analog, arrow, and function buttons. It is somewhat similar to Nintendo Switch’s Joy-con. This peripheral is priced at $149.

Another accessory you might love is the AeroActive Cooler 6 – a special gadget that prevents overheating that you can attach to the back of the phone. Although, it is not yet revealed if you can use it simultaneously with the Kunai 3.

Truly, Asus stepped up its game when it came to gaming. The ROG 6 is something gamers would want to get their hands on.

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